New Xbox concept video Kinda nasty tbh

They fitting everything into this new Xbox

Projector. Google assistant, sound bar. New controller. Wireless charging. Shit looks nasty low key

Like you won’t need a tv. Has sound bar and projection built in.


Built in projector would be ridiculous. Game changer for me.


80/120 inches. Crazy

Shit is gunna SUCK power tho



Fuck me. I’m a sucker for good marketing and that makes switching from the seemingly struggling PS5 seem more appealing. Issue is my park/pro am squad are all PS…


Won’t be after this launch. What is ps5 gunna do ???

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HOLY F****** S***… Damn i just want this NOW. The future look awesome

I’m lost is this the same Xbox as the series x or what lol

Also the Xbox controller looks different then the one with the series X

I was hyped when I saw XBone too but without great exclusive content it’s kinda pointless, no?

Well I only play 2k and cod lol

Also I’m not interested in the projector or the controller fingerprint shit lol (no no big brother)

So is this even for me

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I’m going to hold off and wait for exclusive content otherwise it’ll just be PS5 around my crib.

Sadly I think this is fake guys

Hate to be that guy, but gaming consoles should be gaming consoles.

8k laser projector? do y’all know how much those things cost

Most of the 2K guys are still gonna stay on PS5. Personally i think I’ll choose Xbox first. Sony does have the exclusives, but since Last of Us 2 got spoiled it’s not looking as strong. Microsoft devs really need to come with some fire new franchises, though. I’m hoping the new studios can whip up some gems. It looks like I’m gonna be forced to upgrade to an 8K monitor next year, too. It’s hard to pass up any graphical improvements after gaming on 4k HDR.

@raptorsbenchmob sorry bro this is fake news bro if this was real the console would cost like 3-5k

It’s a designer concept, Ik this couldn’t be legit this is nothing like the series X

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I’ve been searching on bing for the past year for this. 40,000 more points until I get my $100 gift card from Microsoft :joy:

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Built in 8K projector? This thing gotta be a couple thousand.

This also isn’t even the console they’re dropping this year.