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new here comin from 2kmtc

Welcome :smile:


if ur a washington fan i cant talk to you until this series is over … lol jk

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Welcome! You’ve joined a much better site. :slight_smile:

Wizards in 6

Bulls fan

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At least you guys still have Jimmy bu… Oh wait he gone lol

they got lauri. and dunn. and lavine. valentine. i mean def far away from what they used to be. but lauri is a good piece. as is lavine if he can stay healthy

Meh…Bulls have plenty of cap space to sign a big free agent this off-season since trading Mirotic. With a good draft pick & a nice free agent pick up, they will be battling for a 3 or 4 seed in the east. Problem is, no one is beating a healthy Boston or Philly team.

funny. boston. philly. raps. cavs wont even be in the picture next year. and if raps lose first round there will be big changes. wont be pretty

Maybe Im misreading you, sounds like you’re saying all those teams will be irrelevant next yr including your Raps

I recognize you, welcome to the better community. Bulls will be good in time. Lauri’s game translates well to the modern NBA and Dunn is a dog when healthy (had him on my fantasy squad)

no no sorry. i didnt word that right. sixers and celtics will be trouble next year. depending on how playoffs go raps might not be in that mix. if they lose first round i see changes coming. cavs wont be relevant. hope that clears things up lol

If u guys lose, Casey is bye bye and Ibaka Valuncinas and Lowry will prob all be on the block. The problem is that there’s way more teams with assets than you.

i dont wanna think about a first round loss vs the wizards again lol. hoping we sneak past them and play the pacers second round haha

Cavs gonna win cuz too much standing around watching Oladipo iso. I think you guys would pick apart the Cavs lack of defense too.

i do too but lebron has this crazy mode called “crush the raps hopes and dreams” mode that he can turn on every year lol. dont wanna see if that button still works lol. but raps def can play better d and we actually move the ball now … although last game vs the wizards wasnt too pretty watching them revert back to their old ways

Don’t be so gloom, raps still have home court on wiz and cavs seems vulnerable this year, raptors never win a series easily though for some reason, remember the Lowry half court shot a couple years ago haha

man that half court shot was crazy. we ended up losing that game. but that was a good series. its true. we always gotta make it interesting lololol. i still have faith that we will win vs the wizards. and i do think our team is better equipped to beat the cavs and the cavs are literally not the same team as last year.