New update problems on PC Platform!

Game has been updated, and since new update when i load the game i receive pop ups saying that “user data” file, “myteam data” file, “control” file “settings” file [and various other files] have been corrupted and is unable to be loaded. the corrupted files will be overwritten.

So every time i load the game the game starts with default settings, i even lost my custom jerseys, custom court… everything is lost.

Even if i redo my jerseys, court, settings, etc… when i close the game and load it again they are all disappeared again! and again!

Anyone has a clue of what is going on?!?!?

I just found another user having the same issue and he recorded it, so this is the problem:–TAP6jj-0U

Not sure, just logged in to do my dailys and had the same issue.

They’ve messed up something with the Epic games crossplay.

All my MT / cards are still there so I wouldn’t worry too much, they’ll sort it eventually.

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i recieved those same error mesages. Then i downloaded new update via steam and the game launched as always without any problems. But when i strarted game for the first time i noticed that uplay was running in background. Before the second launch I turn off uplay as well. Maybe this is the issue

some other pc users are reporting the same problem
some said this 2k fix didnt work
so i can just hope you can fix it

there should be a fix and new update since some minutes:

Just a quick update that we’ve released a hot-fix for this that should resolve the issue. Can those of you who had this - close the game and re-launch to try again? Would like to know if the corruption pops up from this point forward. Thanks!