New TT Rewards - Gallinari and Grant

New rewards were just released. Jerami Grant does not look that great to me, but Danilo Gallinari could be reasonable. Both are just opals and not sure if either will improve anyone’s team, but perhaps they play better than they look. If not, at least it will save hours of grinding for a card that is not great (like we had to do for Cazzie).

Solid card (Gallinari)…looks good for me!

It should be interesting to see what people think once they have a chance to use him. He is a 6’10" player with a quick release. I am never good at figuring out what are the best dribble moves for a big player. He does have some good shooting badges at HOF level.

The only things I ever got from TT were 1 token or 500MT, no chance to ever try these.

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That was my life until the last week of the last season. Since then I have been on a hot streak. Cazzie is the only card I use often of the rewards, but the rest are to fun to use now and then offline.

I’m Italian and I will try to get it … I hope it doesn’t take 100 wins :grinning:

I used PD Gallinari extensively in 2k20 and loved his release, did not use him last year because his GO (I believe) came out too late

no chance I will get him through TT, but I guess we will have Beyond 40 this season too, right?

What’s better. Shifty or quick dribble style??

I like quick

Jerami Grant looks like he is very good. Will try to grind for him. Hopefully I get blessed.


I just got gallo In one game just trying to
Get XP :rofl:

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Can’t get the fk vault to open. About 2 out of 10 times it opens. Shits just stupid past cpl days

About 60 wins


You played 60 games in 2 days? Wow. That is a lot.

Is he any good?

I played with sapphire Paschall, sapphire Dorian Finney-Smith and ruby Cedric Ceballos, quick wins (20 monday, 20 tuesday and 18/19 last night). I haven’t tried him yet
I forced because I really wanted that card :grinning:

Might be the first time I do above lvl 40 this year…key word is might lol. Grant looks good.