New TT and TTO Boards!


Wonder how good that Levine is? I’m assuming TT Offline is still the best way to get Giannis?

All this means to me is less chance to get Giannis. Smh.


How could it be less than zero?:slight_smile:


Okay, okay


Lol Patty Mills in there of course


Are there still tokens or coins in vault or is it all players til the 26th?

No coins or tokens.

Just got on the top board 3 times, all 1k mt. Once again fuck 2k.

Does anybody avoid a repeat reward or somebody they don’t want so it don’t kill your luck for what you really want?

I already got 4 Hills and I’m seeing Gobert a lot. I’m wondering if I should avoid him so it doesn’t ruin my chances at landing a KD or Giannis

Ruby Patty Mills. 2k trolling me personally now

I swear 2k is giving me fulls on 2/3 of my shots and my opponents can’t miss a white. I hate this

2k said fk it let’s put every one on the board and not let them get anyone :joy:

Was able to get Grant Hill today

I only have 20 TT offline wins lol so this is nice

Got 8 straight ruby Patty Mills from the vault, about to retire TToff and stick with TTO.


Patty Mills is some kind of “Louie Dampier”- Service i guess. Maybe i will get him for a reason i dont even know :smiley:

Grants a dog his defense might even be better than Kawhis he’s unreal on that end

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Actually had a few friendly games of TTO where each of us let each other go for the XP faced a few doing Dame’s 3s while I was getting Ferry points

Ayyy got Zach

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