New Triple Threat Vault Update

Buck Williams: the annual card that nobody wants


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: /s

6’8" Bill Russell

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this card is actually good defensively

For a free card his great.


how are vault odds for cards this year? I haven’t played much TTOff

1/500 games


havent been good for me but at least if i get this card id be happy since i have no good cards rn

I’m at 310 wins and pulled Dave Bing twice…they’re pretty rough.


Pulled 1 Bing out of 500 games probably so that’s correct lol

I got Chuck Person somewhere around 310 wins and I’m way over 450 due to the Shareef challenges. TTO on the other hand I had 5 Griffith compared to 1 Swen and 0 Brandon

hows the stats on this buck williams? any good

just looked. seems alright and looks good for defense. hmm okay

He’s not worth 250-500 games to me

He’s actually really good, probably need to add post move lockdown but other than that pretty good for TTOffline

he really doesn’t look bad defensively, plus he got silver qfs

yeah hes actually great for grinding ttoff