New token market idea for GO rewards

Pretty soon the 3k tokens drop will be here. What if, in addition to releasing a few more new 750 opal players to the market, they release one or two NEW limited/perfect 99 players worth anywhere from 2000 - 3000 tokens each. So you can buy 4 regular opals with your 3k or you can maybe get 1 opal and 1 perfect opal, depending on the price. It would definitely make people scramble to lock in those anniv sets. It would also devalue the limited jordan and kobe a bit.

Just a thought. 2k20 is in 3 months, might be a cool idea to spice things up.



This was my idea lol.

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Oh was it? Didnt mean to steal it, never saw it posted anywhere and have thought about it occasionally and decided to post.


No. That would be a slap in the face to those who bought Limited MJ and Kobe (like me), but more importantly, with Limited LeBron coming out very soon, they wouldn’t want to cannibalize their own sales. Those Limited Packs sell like crazy even after people have pulled the Opals because they’re looking to get the Ltd. So it definitely won’t happen.


Nah it’s not stealing, it’s a nice idea indeed. I told this somewhere between the lines.
Would post later if i can find it.


They make a habit of slapping early adopters in the face.

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C’mon yall.

There will be no one added that they can make money selling packs.

I seen that mentioned so many times I lost count.

they gonna add new token rewards, so those who lock can use the 3,000 tokens, if not many people would probably not return to 2k

People are returning to 2k either way, but they will add some more token rewards for the 3K lockers

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New ones absolutely.

But it will be random old legends. They’re all about a dollar. People will play 2k every year.

They need people ripping packs.

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oh okay. id agree with no 99 players

Opal Dominique
Opal Ewing
Opal Tom Sanders

Something like that lol

I want a GO GO.

Greg fucking Ostertag.

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GOster can speed boost and shoot 3s for sure if he was a GO.

A lot of people thought of this, in my opinion its too late to add this, unless they drop hundreds of tokens at a time I’m not really crazy about grinding like that at this stage of the game.

The game is almost over. They need to just release a perfect 99 in the token market in general at some point.

Hey valued 2k customer,

Just wanted to let you know that we hear and see all of the ideas that you guys are suggesting to make Myteam better, but it’s been a decade and 2 players can’t have the same coach or there playbooks will become random. Point is we have our hands full and pleasing the customer is not even a 5th of our priority. Thank you for buying VC and if you have any more suggestions or problems with 2k we will be happy to tell you to clear your cache.

Thanks again from
2kSupport and Devs