New to ps4 need help

I just switched from xbox a few months ago, can someone please tell me how to see my recent opponents?

You can still see recent opponents on xbox? There used to be a thing called “players met” that would list guys you had gone head-to-head with. It’s still there, but hasn’t worked for me all year. I find them by memorizing their PSN names or recording the games.

This guy I just played couldn’t take his L and kept calling timeouts n trying to subglitch me, I wasn’t gonna say anything about it but the more I thought the more I wanted too and I forgot the mf’ers name lol. It was richiethekidd33 or some shit like that

Gotcha. Your best bet to get him banned is to record the gameplay & send it to 2K. They don’t do anything to reverse your loss, though. SHOCKING, I know. If you JUST had this happen, your PS4 might still have the recording. Click share & save the video to check!

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