New to 2kgamer

New here! Friends recommended this site to me so I thought I’d give it a shot. Any recommendations?

Well hello there!

I’m The Godfather. I can help with almost anything. @Ryan & @HarryLundt are the best mods a community can have. We’re all a family here, and we’re glad to have you. Welcome to 2KGamer!


F@%& that Ryan guy :rage:


Forreal I hate him. Such a little shit.

Welcome to the boards. Every new member has to wager me if you’re on xbox one. I only wager 5k mt while the other person wagers 30k mt


You must wager me 100k, while I wager 10k. It’s the price everyone pays to conduct business with me. After all, I am The Don.

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Hey, you are what you eat (mcdons)
“After all, I am The Don”

I only eat Cannoli’s.

Welcome to the site!

Fixed that for ya

Haven’t had a Big Mac, ever

Anybody got any useful links for OP?

Ya, one sec

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I suggest going to preferences>profile> scroll down, and setting your platform.

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Welcome :tada::tada:

This guy gets the red carpet treatment. Soon he will be smackin us with all this help ;p lol
Welcome to the forum buddy. !