New Throwback Moments: Opal Wiggins, Opal Dave Debusschere, Opal Ceballos and more


very. update the token market bruhhh

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3 opals that all play the exact same position :c


Wow, this is so boring. I can’t believe anyone would actually buy VC to waste it on this trash.


Dave Debusschere for the 2 looks more than usable.

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W website! but L 2k content for today

Wow they really are updating EVERY player’s tendencies now!

Safe to say if they haven’t realized your favorite player in Opal or GOAT form yet you’re in for a treat tendency wise.



Wiggins :slight_smile:

Wesley has Wade release. That’s a W.

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Another day another L for 2k.

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6 foot pg

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Wiggins and DeBusschere the solid cards in this set

@KennyMcK69 for some reason, when I go to search players by their jumpshot, I try to click on the search bar and it directs me to the Prime Opal LeBron card page? Is this just me?

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Fax, he not making anybody lineup but just means he may be fun to use.

6’0", he’s the Trey Burke of this drop. Elite release but way too small

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I’m getting the same thing, but when I click “all players,” anywhere I click it brings me to Prime Lebron.

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2K just making everyone sg these days? DeBusschere was a sf/pf his entire career