New throwback cards:

99 penny hardaway
98 klay
97 alonzo mourning
97 elvin hayes
94 deron williams
93 bruce bowen
92 byron scott

Byron Scott too, no?

Deeon willaims too

Klay could be interesting if he’s easy to pull and as good or better than the Signature Series. Mourning will be trash as hell. Bowen could be sneaky good.

Where you guys seeing these link?

Btw is it just me or will there not be a big market crash. These cards are meh outside of Klay and Penny

98 Klay? Shheeeeeeeett

klay could be PD

Klay a big fat W

Somebody post the stats please

these are fan favourites though

watch alonzo with 95 open shot 3pt

Goodbye MJ hello klay


sad that I may have to finally let Hondo go

Question is, can Klay guard LeBron?

I was reluctant to replace MJ with Kobe or Kawhi because neither had three point plays. I know Klay will.

Holy shit thank goodness I sold my Signature Series Klay last night


Elvin is up on ps4

no, too thin imo

stats up, see original post

There’s enough ‘elite’ defenders out there but barely anyone can stop LeBron.