New Team HELP!

With all the new content that has recently arrived, I’m a bit lost about who should I get since I haven’t tried everyone…

So I’m hoping you guys opinions may help me…

PG - Wade, Bron or Magic?
SG- MJ, VC or T Mac?
SF - DJJ, Bridges, 00AG or Bird?
PF - Obviously Giannis and Davis are unanimous, but can Bam do a good job? Maybe will need him due to lack of MT

For center I have and will keep Shaq, I love him

Personally I would say
PG: Bron, good size and versatile
SG: MJ, best card in the game right now…
SF: Bird is still a dominant card but slowly getting outclassed… Bridges is actually pretty nice.
PF: I would actually say AG here


PG - Either LeBron or Wade. Both are better than Magic. LeBron is twice as much as Wade though so it depends on your budget.
SG - Either MJ or TMac. Both are elite. You could honestly get both and run TMac at SF. That’s what I do.
SF- TMac would be great here. I don’t like Bird.
PF - I like Davis better than Giannis. Bam would definitely be great if you’re looking to save MT.

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