New tb elites today?

will we get the pistons tb elites today ?

I think Thursday

Nah it’ll be tomorrow

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we will get a Dumars tomorrow


I’m thinking dumars and Chauncey maybe

I’d love to see PD Dumars. That’d be funny. :slight_smile:

PD Kobe


2kgamer needs to add a dislike option so everytime I see that name I can dislike


Liked the dislike request :slight_smile:

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TB Elite PD Kobe Bryant Please!

You might as well start holding your breath @YuBuuBuu

I have been

Apparently his diamond wasn’t terrible last year. If the dribble moves are there, he could be pretty good this year. Especially considering the “new year power creep” :joy: (I might’ve just started something there)

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Man you gotta be superhuman

Rasheed Wallace

Don’t think 2k has rights . Correct me if I am wrong

I don’t know too Hahaha :innocent:

Lol !

Shame sheed won’t be in the game. Maybe an Amy Tashaun Prince?