New SuperMax Season speculation

Wondering what we can expect from his upcoming season.

  • All rounds diamond rewards?
  • PD season prize?
  • Same round length / points basis?
  • When will it start?


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I hope they go back to Road to the Playoffs, honestly.


Is there still no timer?

In that case who knows what’s going to happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just gave up

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Truly would love that. I was a bit upset about them removing it in this year’s version.

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I’m hoping all diamond round rewards with a PD season reward. No timer scares me. Could this be it?

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If that’s it… Selling anything not locked in

Wasn’t it that way before the last season started? I don’t remember how long it took in-between seasons to be honest.

There was always a count down ticker before

No timer scares me as well. I’ll be running an MT special if that be the case.

I really thought it was only in-between rounds and it was sort of zeroes before the new season started?

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They’re not done yet. We still got so many cards to come they wouldnt end now.


Hopefully the next season award is dope. It almost doesn’t make sense not to be, right? Especially if it is, in fact, the final season. Season will end around late May, I think by that point last year the last promo already came out. So in theory it wouldn’t be competing with promo content, in fact it will just keep people more engaged toward the end of the playoffs I would think. Something like a PD Iverson would get people playing.

It’s gonna be Tony Delk :laughing:

For old times sake… it’s PD Bryant Reeves.


Its PD MJ leading to the sweatiest, cheesiest season yet

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I won’t even try if that’s the case, I’ve broken to many controllers I’m sure the TV will be next

My theory is they are waiting to see who makes the playoffs. They will then divide up players into the new Promo and as rewards. But the entire playoffs will not be finalized until Wed night after TWolves and Nuggets.

The next promo will have a lot of Playoff players and the promo ultimate reward may be someone who missed it.

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This. There’s gonna be some multi-layered playoffs feature for the new round, which will follow the same time frame as past seasons, and end when the finals end. I think the reward will be a PD (maybe Rose for you lonzo haters :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I also think the Season starts when Playoffs start (Saturday)

They need to give us a amy or diamond michael redd for an award.