New spotlight ?who and when?

when and who yall think will be the next spotlight challenge??

we got MJ last thursday so prolly thursday

Most likely Thursday and player wise it will probably be someone who was elite in the 90’s again. I would say either Malone or Stockton. Or Payton or Kemp maybe.

my bet is clyde drexler


would be nice if somehow we get Sir charles as next spotlight

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Good prediction there. He was the 2nd best SG for several years.

Yoooo this is something I could see

We already got Shaq and MJ so I expect a bigger name than those suggested so far. My predictions:


Not to get off topic but there are a couple pretty specific reasons Charles won’t sign with 2k and it’s pretty cool. He did a zoom interview a couple months ago and a kid actually asked him. Basically comes down to wanting more money for the older guys from 60, 70 and 80’s

Yeah it’s a good reason. However, I think he might be missing something more important than money. LEGACY.

Pretty soon kids won’t know who Charles even is. One thing I like about 2K is kids get familiar with older players. Hell I’m 43 and I’m still learning about guys I’d never heard of like Bailey Howell, Bingo Smith, etc.

I say take the money they offer you and also enjoy the fact a new generation learns about you. Ideally 2K would also pay them more but we all know how greedy they are so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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we get curry spotlight today apparently

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Lmao what? This whole stament back is really infuriating haha. He is trying to get guys that never made money paid. You know old generation of mostly black guys got paid shit right? And for their likesness that 2k makes money on? But he should not fight for that cuz it’s important for some kid to know he is good? How bout he turns on YouTube and look him up?

“It is a good reason but he should take the money so his legacy isn’t ruined” Becuase 2k makes it breaks legacy’s lol” Charles legacy is fine. And Chuck don’t give 2 shits what anyone thinks haha

Sorry you were offended. If he is truly doing it to just get other less fortunate retired players paid and not himself, then I can’t disagree with you.

I started by saying maybe he was doing it for the right reasons, but was just bringing up another issue unrelated to money.

Only thing you said I take issue with is how kids could look up YouTube videos of old players. I don’t know how many kids you know (I’m a teacher and know hundreds) but I can’t imagine a single kid anywhere randomly looking up videos to learn more about Bailey Howell. LOL.