NEW Shot Stick 2.0 Tutorial Post Patch 1.02


Much has changed, but after you adjust, it’s probably easier overall.

I hope so … Seemed pretty unviable early on, very low percentages for me whenever i gave it a go. Althou admittedly i haven’t had great cards for post play (Shaq’s ok, but you aren’t going to dance about or shoot fadeaways with Shaq)

Definitely going to have a look later when at console.

So after labbing this new shot for awhile, I got to a point where I was able to consistenly time the right stick to where you make no adjustment at all to green.

So instead of going too slow or too fast to know if it’s going left/right, I’m trying to time it perfectly to the point where I don’t have to adjust at all. I also got to the point where I could tell if I went too fast or too slow so I could anticipate the adjustment as well as a worst case scenario.

I feel like this is still the highest ceiling shooting method since you can technically “green” a shot if you get the timing right where you have to make no adjustment. And if you mess that up, you can always adjust to green anyways. So I’m sticking with this method through and through even if I can probably shoot better no meter/button right now.


Just a small clip of me showing potential of shot stick aim. Definitely can’t do this consistently in a competitive setting YET, but it just shows glimpses of what’s possible if someone can master it.