New set coming?

Anyone know if they plan on releasing the new set today, I know they took a break after they released MJ so maybe that’s gonna happen? Let me know what you guys think!

We might see some very modest cards released today, like rubies or low-level amethysts. They definitely do not want to draw attention away from their cash cow 20k LeBron packs.

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I don’t think we’re getting any cards or duos. Sucks but it’s king James

So glad I bought my new players yesterday. I was worried prices would drop even harder today if a new set came out but it looks like I made a good choice at the moment.

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Are prices going back up, since there’s no new set?

Same here. Got a bunch of upgrades to players with diamond shoes, and I saw PD bron go for 800k so hopefully when I get home my bid of 880k was enough :eyes: