New season super packs today?

I think we see some season super packs that will crash the market today. What do you guys think?

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Yea because we only have 2 days left and make since for super packs to be today then weds or thurs. We need to look at when the other super packs came out the other seasons.

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Superpacks 100%, but usually they don’t crash the market too much, being VC only

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11,250 or 15k VC/pack?

Likely 11,250.

Also welcome to the site man!

tenor (41)


Superpacks isn’t a market changer, the new packs in the next season starts are it.

Mystery today, super packs tomorrow

I think they said last weeks mystery packs were the last of the season

Yes, last week’s tweet said “Our final Mystery Pack is LIVE”


Looks like the supers coming tomorrow if not today

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Damn just bought grant hill last night was for 144k though and dark matters are hard to pull regardless

Should I sell my Bol Bol before super pack?

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no giannis in super packs?

Opend 12 packs and got nothing but amys several of them repeated multiple times.
Dont open these guys!!

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Dodged that bullet, sold my Shaq and simmons last night

VC only 11250 per single…

4 singles purchased; Amy Garland, Noah, Vassell, and Diamond Powell.

Yea he is, it says all players from season 6 so everyone is in them

lmao I bought I Penny for 60k last night, wondering how much he’ll be once i get home :man_facepalming: