New Season Award: Blake Griffin

Whos the exchange reward?

They are dr.j and russell from season 1

this doesn’t look exciting at all bye 2k til next gen most likely


Jaylen Brown will be worth it for unlimited if he’s not the limited reward

Large L

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it says limited and unlimited underneath it

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tell me why season 1 seems like its better than season 2 already


I hope Patrick Ewing is not Unlimited Reward…


Anyone notice they used next gen gameplay for this trailer

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Oh sorry then, I guess they are

i think ewing is limited brown unlimited


I think Ewing is Limited and Brown is Unlimited based on the order of the cards and the text

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This is trash lmao


Ewing prolly wont be limited cuz ralph was also a center

Curry lives another season lol


I see a lot of Vince and yao Ming in this trailer I need me a Ming card

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at least no opal yet which is good

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please tell me they switch up ewings release and make him usable.

He has an active duo with a token revard tmac and there is also a pd kobe/shaq duo

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most people will go for the hof badge in limited.