New S4 rewards cards

Do we know how we get these cards other than the Earl Boykins Amy ?

No sorry. I’m sure it’s agenda or challenges. 5 foot 5 Boykin baby. Who needs Simmons at PG lol

Lol for some reason I already had the gold earl Boykins , not that either of them would play but I’m puzzled as to why I kept this card in the first place , i do remember lil Earl coming off the bench in Den when George Karl was coach, Karl loved that lil guy which says alot because he was a super def oriented coach at that time in his career

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It is still good to see the 2K community helping each other out with these agendas. I thought this morning I would try a few using the TTO of Calderon (assists), Willis (rebounds), and Matthews (points). Already had first 2 help out (first not a lot, but still good) and now all 3 close to being done. After playing against Lopez multiple times during Limited this weekend, I have to say I really want him. He seems really good and just want I need (great defensive center who can hit a 3 from the corner).


Lopez and Ayton are both better than D Rob in my opinion.

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No way Jose, not my 14 HOF Drob anyway, not with +4 boosts to rebounding and interior D…hell str8 eat those guys for breaky , have you seen the tickets to the gun show ? Lol

I just got Lopez earlier today so cannot wait to try him out. It is a shame this job thing keeps me from checking him out earlier. It would be interesting to see a fully badged out Lopez against a full badged out DRob. I just could never see myself spending the MT for DRob this year, esp since I had difficulty with his shot last year.


I had D Rob one hour after he was released and I fully badged and shoed him and added HOF badges to him as well. I insist that fully badged and shoed Lopez and Ayton are both better than D Rob all around.

I just went up against Yao for first time while using my rewards Artis Gilmore. Gilmore freaking owned him. I am now nervous to get Yao :cry:

Maybe you are just a much better player than the other guy?

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I legit suck lmfao

got Lopez yesterday night (him and Ben are the only two I am going for in the Tatum challenges, still miss a few Bogut rebounds for Ben), could not play today so will try him tomorrow

I expect him to be a better Gasol (which I liked earlier in the cycle)

He’s under BIN now though, and I still very much think he’s best C in the game that’s not opal AD, who to me is too small to run at C for my liking , it’s the equivalent of playing Bosh at C which was a real issue in Miami initially , they expected him to clean up the glass like he did in Toronto , but he was barely mustering 7 RBS per game , then they forced him to just camp out at the 3 point line to give more space to wade and LeBron cutting through the lane constantly …at that time he became 1 of the best big men in a catch and shoot situation from 3, which he wasnt previously , out of the big 3 , he’s the only 1 that had to significantly change his game to complement what the team was trying to accomplish, this was all before the steph curry effect where everyone started shooting 3s in volume like they do today…so yea out of True Centers who are not just decoy shooters and floor spacers , Drob is still the best imo

I’ve run up against Ayton a few times and I’m impressed

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Lol I doubt it , but I like you because ur not a concieded pos :wink:

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I just saw that he is now under 70k. That is a drop that I was not expecting.

What makes you say that ? Because stat wise his athletic ability n interior presence is unmatched , not to mention he’s a better floor spacer than the 2 guys mentioned, way better release than Lopez specifically imo, no ?

Yea I’m not sure why he’s dropping because no other great C other than AD were released , maybe more ppl like Lopez n Ayton I guess

Only thing I can think of. Part of me wants to get him, but I still have not tried Lopez out yet to see if I like him or not. Always a free card better than having to spend MT.