New ratings, attributes

What kind of new ratings, attributes could be put in place to better differenciate players…

Eye for rebound
Stepback 3
Flash pass
Behind the back dribble
Multiple crossover
Spot up shoot, open and contested

Acording to the rating the different animations is triggered.

These are some that come to mind. Ideas???

I believe the current trend will continue for one more year where there are too many do it all cards… they might change it for 2k21.

yeah I think they could expand the “ball control” category for future games

I really hope not… I hatedv the next gen promo set… I like some sim play… Really hope they put more effort in a more strategic game more fluid, faster, faster ai response, but nothing op…

Me too , I like to put some thought into creating my lineup. But sadly if they release such content they lose out on money

Equalizer Tendencies :smile:

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