New Promo dropping today or tomorrow?

As far as I know packs expire tomorrow…

Sorry but i don’t really understand these topics.
How can anyone know this ? Do we have any 2k stuff here that i don’t know of ?
This one thing, the other is how can you possibly feel hyped for any cards in this trash mode still ?

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It’s funny how you continually call the game trash but are heavily active on forums that have nothing to do with anything but the mode you degrade


Not game, mode if you read carefully.
I invested a lot on it unfortunately, paypal is not active in my country for almost 2 years so i can’t cash out. That’s why i’m so active if you wonder. I like some people in here also, above all. So i’m trying to help some dudes wherever i can instead of babbling like you :slight_smile:

Once again, this mode and most of its community is trash.


I am not saying anyone knows. Since 2K decided to do whatever they want, whenever they want, you can only predict their next step. Thats all I wanted. Its sad but its a part of this forum, predicting and guessing what 2k is doing next.

Why do you keep playing dude? You invested a lot, I get that, but if the mode is pure trash and the community as well than go play some mycareer or whatever. Why would you do something that is not fun to you at all. Makes no sense, even if you invested a lot, time is way more valuable at this point.
2K has done so much wrong this year and they dont give a fuck about us as a community, I know but I still enjoy collecting and playing it to a certain degree. Therefore i am still looking for new content, not to give them some more of my money, I am done with that, but to improve some all time lineups for example. Nothing wrong with that.

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I play God of War more than i play MyTeam :slight_smile: and told my reasons above.
Sorry for the intrusion but these spesific topics make no sense to me.

2K has become very predictable lately, at least with the way they drop promos/ when they drop them. It’s true that this mode has gone to the dogs, but I still play it because since this is my last year of NBA 2KJam, I might as well make the most of it. Regardless of when we get the promo though, we’ll at least get the typical blog post detaling all the included players and reward.

As soon as a better TD, Kawhi/ Gervin comes out though… I’m just going to sell all my other players, sell the MT for reasonable prices and put that money towards something better like a gym membership or something lol

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New set will be released tomorrow imo

Haha, actually new cards are the only interesting thing in this mode for me. I just check them out, buy them, play 2-3 games and that’s it. Perks of being on PC is that I am not drowning cash in this.

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One way you can sort of cash out is to sell MT for Amazon or eBay gift card codes.

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Not reliable enough, has to be someone very close :slight_smile:

I get that. But if you want to cash out, that’s one way. I’m sure there would be guys here you’d trust who’d gladly pay in gift card codes. And if you are really done with the mode, then even if you’re cheated on X% of your MT sales, you still come out ahead in the end.

Anyway, just a suggestion.