New Promo Clues: PD Garnett, 97 Towns, and more

Diamond Pierce
Ruby Scalabrine
Amethyst Cassell
Ruby Sczcerbiak

Credit to @mapemapemape for finding this!


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One KG to rule them all, one KG to find em,
One KG to bring them all, in darkness KP bind em.

Pierce is a 97

How the fuck is dimeuproxx faster with myteam news than the company itself? You can’t make this stuff up lol

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I want that towns card, but i’ll never afford him damn

Wow that set looks dope I’ve been saving for the diamond kg but I never thought it would be a PD, so glad I saved 2.5 mil mt

Watch Towns get a 96 open 3 and all HOF shooting badges. Plus, two new badges will be created just for him: HoF Floor Spacer and HoF Kick-Out Cheeser


My 1.1mil won’t be enough :pensive:

I believe you’re referring to Dimer on any big man

Promo packs. So 20k VC each again. Fuck 2k

Promo packs are 11k. Special signature packs are 20k. What’s that? A promo or signature series?

This feels like a sig. Series promo

Guess a special promo

If it is a promo with similar odds as the last few, 1.1 million will be enough to lock KG.

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No signatures on shown cards

Ah ok. Didn’t get that. Thanks for clearing that up.

If you look at the package design in the video carefully, it has a KG logo on it so it’s probably a special pack :slight_smile:

Kick-Out Cheese Outlet I meant. That is a bit long, but actually a great name for this new badge I just created!

I’m most excited about Pierce