New POTM 96 Baron Davis

Probably gonna clamp Magic and drop threes in his face


Im starting the grind now

what it do babyyyyyy

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I hope they will update his badges too

WHY HE HAS 3 SHOOTING BADGES 2k!!!.!!!.!!!.!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!

and give this man a gold quick draw

I just hope these servers hold up! Im having blue screen flashbacks already

Oh shiiit we got another steve franchis minus badges, cant wait to play 2k on terrible servers with high latency and sit throu sub glitchers Wooooo


I feel ya, not worth it IMO

if they will update his badges, he probably will get clamps which will automatically put him above steve

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Crack up! They still giving :gem:Larry too after their stuff up

Where are you seeing his badges?

Do they do an update after dropping the POTM card?

vageuly remember they updated some amare badges

Yeah, only Amar’e. Bird was untouched

They better update him

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from sg brook lopez to praising 6’3 guards 2k20 soften you :neutral_face:

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He needs more badging. Jesus. Gold badges at least. No downhill ? No quick first step ? Wtf


I actually ran Baron Davis at bench pg in 2k19, he was perfect for offball because of his high steal tendencies

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25 interior defense with no clamps or intimidator badges.

Magic’s gonna’ eat that boy alive.

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