New Possible Bird Mchale Duo?

Do you guys think that this will be a duo pretty soon? I have the Larry Bird, and i was just wondering if i should pick up the mchale because his price is starting to rise.

I pray there is a diamond Bird - diamond McHale duo. I already have them in a line-up together.

If I had to guess, I would say they will do it. Can’t say which version will get the duo, though. So don’t overpay for McHale if you don’t like him. Besides with the duos they usually give one player laughable boost (usually the better one) and the worse card significant boosts. So then you end up with a really good McHale, who you didn’t want in the first place, and a slightly better Bird which isn’t worth it. This is typical for them. Could be badass though.

Stay tuned.

McHale is an amazing player idk why you wouldn’t want him unless you have unlimited resources.

I really want it to be the PD. If they boost diamond birds defense or shooting then what’s the point in owning the PD. Where the PD is superior is defense. His 97 steal compared to the 75 steal of the diamond plus every other defensive stat…you change this and now the PD becomes useless.

I run 97 LBJ and 97 Larry so if i got Mchale I would run him at Center. Do you use him there or at the 4?

If they put the duo with diamond Bird most of the boosts would probably be with McHale than Bird. Think +50 for McHale and +10 for Bird.

Now if they do the PD and give Bird a ball control boost he’s now the best card on the game lol

Yea but then still if you wanna use Mchale what’s the benefit of having PD Bird?

If you have PD Bird you basically can’t use Mchale

It could be the PD or diamond, although I think the diamond is more likely since I think 2K would likely make more $ that way because more people that would want McHale in there line-up will have a diamond Bird than a PD Bird and if they do minimal boosts to diamond Bird then the PD Bird is still better.

Thats why I am praying for the duo to be between diamond larry and diamond mchale

You can only play so many guys, lol. I packed him and sold him. I don’t think I’ll regret it. I’d rather play Hakeem at PF than McHale


I mean if you have all the options, Hakeem and McHale are basically the same player except Hakeem has 2 inches height on him and slightly better 3 and better yam’s. I play them side by side.

The best method is to have the diamond bird stay where he is. Because offensively he’s not far off from pink diamond bird it’s very close but defensively it’s night and day. PD Bird is one of those truly elite of the elite cards. You boost diamond bird now the PD is useless

Right now PD Bird has +190 attributes over diamond Bird. a +10 boost to make it a +180 difference between the two isn’t going to make diamond Bird as elite as PD Bird…

He won’t be AS good but he will be close enough to justify never buying PD Bird

Hm. I see your point. McHale also sort of looks like a “poor man’s” Bill Russell but had the shootings boosts without needing the duo. I’m thinking of shaking up my two front court duos. I currently run Hakeem/Kareem and LeBron/Gasol. How about LeBron/Kareem and McHale/Hakeem?

If Bird gets like +1s or +2s I’ll keep Malone