New players (Klay, CP3, Jeff Green, DD's)

After the moments challenge update i noticed a new klay slot in warriors playoffs moments, havent checked others yet

Edit : Cp3 and jeff green too



With the Celtics getting 95 diamonds after going up 2-0, hard to imagine CP3, Klay & Dray not at least getting diamonds

No new Curry? Sad. Would love a 97.

You know it’s coming eventually.

CP3 is a diamond he is before Tucker and Ariza in collection, cant tell about Klay and Draymond tho

Yeah, Klay will be either 96-95 diamond (as KD is 96) or high amy.

Fuck 2k for dropping another diamond CP3 after some of us locked in that set. I hate this company


He better be trash and only have a few badges if he’s anything close to the set reward I’m done with this mode.

How is there no Capela?! He has a fucking sapphire and will command over 25m a year this year in free agency!


98 Kobe crashing. Going for 280k now…

RIP my Carmelo auction ending at 7 lol


His Amy had a lot of HOF badges, I’d say it be a 95 diamond tho

By a lot, you mean 2? Lol

The set reward has 17. The new one better not have more than 7-8 with tear dropped and acrobat being 2

RIP Diamond Wall too, he’s now bin on Xbox

WTF All-star curry DD??

I just want Carmelo to sell so I can scoop up Ewing. He might be the last piece of my final lineup

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I will probably sell Wall Beal and Richmond to get that Klay, depends on the price too I just hope he doesn’t go for 200k like KD

Good catch! So hopefully Klay 95