New PD token rewards

I’m probably scooping up Glen Rice he looks beastly. Who else are you guys grabbing? Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Sabonis, Googs?

Sabonis for sure, and the others I’m not so sure. JSmith looks like an animal too, and thankfully I have enough to grab both of them.

Mo Pete is a literal glitch.

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I’m gonna get my first PD reward and have no clue who to get. I need a wing and a big. I have enough tokens for my last :gem: and first PD so idk if I should go :gem: Bojan and PD Sabonis? Or :gem: Turner and PD Rice or Josh Smith? I like Googs too. Ugh!

Side note, thank you 2k for a great day of content. Seriously. But how them servers lookin…? I’m not on right now.

That Josh smith !!!

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Morris Peterson > every other diamond in the game


for those who get the pds update us on their releases