New PD Kuzma Price check? PS4

Opened a single and pulled this dude. What can I expect to get for him. Theres on for 170k woth like 15 minutes left up right now?


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Ive seen some going for 150k and others for 235k and a couple even went for 300k+ all since last night, gotta time it right i guess but everybody will be pulling him tonight and not pulling mvp’s so probably want to get on it if your not keeping, im keeping the one i pulled.

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I threw him up. i cant justify keeping a new card in the bench. i dont think hes better than ad or blake he won’t play much.

Put up my old PD kuz badged with white Kobe’s. If I get 100 net tax, I’ll be happy. Bought him badged out and shoes for 185k.

I’ll take a 70k rental fee

See new kuz ending around 160s.

After this weekend looking to run

My fantasy Laker squad which will probably be my end game

All star magic
Anni Kobe
All star kuz
Anni AD
Anni Shaq

Bench of scrubs and giannis 5 out cheese lol

AD? No so fast… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fantasy team lol

All potential Laker trades in the past

Only exception is giannis cause I ain’t selling him

Bench will be d’lo, pg13, and melo

Who are all either we’re or rumored to potentially be Lakers lol

Oh can’t forget Dwight

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Congrats. You’ve been having amazing pulls lately off singles. I’m glad 2k has juiced pack odds for you. It’s about time they reward loyal customers.

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Do we see this Kuz price going up eventually? Or will a ton be pulled tonight after AS MVP pack ripping and flood the market permanently?

PG13 never rumored to be a laker lmao he was staying with thunder the whole time

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No he said himself if they traded for him he was resigning lmaoo @smithboys1

But who traded for him lmao? Lakers are hot shit

As long as there was a story, it’s a fantasy to me lol