New packs today?

Cant remember if we got one this time last week or not

My guess is Friday

we got the legacy packs last Monday. but those were on for 2 weeks+ (about 15 days)

Shall we prepare ourselves for Heat Check Packs then?


Nope, probably wont be coming till the 21st or 22nd. Last year they came on the 15th when the season started on the 16th

I mean they could release a new legacy couldn’t they?

What about the first historic set? I’ve never bought the game so early. Usually buy it around January

Mikan packs were extended for 1 more week

Lame, everyone really wants him I guess :joy:

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Historic packs dont exist anymore lol


Someone post a thread about this please

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It’d be hard to get 2800 cards with historics

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Bummer…I guess people werent opening enough