New pack boxes

Anyone opend any boxes yet and if so are the odds good

I wouldn’t touch them unless you’re guaranteed 5 diamond shoes per box.


I opened 1 pack just for the hell of it and pulled Ruby Frye. I always tend to open at least 1 pack anytime something new comes out but I doubt that I’ll open anymore unless they decide to add a Diamond Jordan to the collection.

These packs are new Hassans, calm down :slight_smile:
Everyone will get some.

Just pulled both pau and tp in a box

I’m starting to get this feeling too. I wonder how low Pau’s price will get. Maybe 40-60K?

If the odds stay similar to moments then tp and pau will be around the brad beal- diamond harden price. Expect 25-45k

I’d put them both up straight away for like 99k buy now… Nobody gonna bid on these cards at 100k. Some suckers might buy them for 99k

Yeah, what he said :smiley:

There’s a Pau with a Diamond Contract that’s already over 130K.

Yeah right now im using em online and there good to use but i sniped a pau for 5k so ima sell him see how much he goes for

I was on PC last year, but maybe this Diamond Pau Gasol is going to be 2K18’s Diamond Marc Gasol.

Wow, nice what system?

It’s Pau the new Hassan?

It looks like it. For there to only be 2 new diamonds released there are an absolute ton of them in the AH. That, and considering the timing of the release I’m pretty surprised to see so many already.

I reackon the packs are just juiced atm 2ks probz going to mess em up soon

Are historic cards in this pack?

And I pulled a diamond curry 3 shoe there

I wanted to open some cause I thought 450k VC would cost 50€ but then I realized that was just the sale price - how often are VC in sale?

You shouldn’t expect another one this year.