New moments Reward Reggie Jackson and Idols Super Packs

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Locker code?

No HFDs? No HoF Clamps? 75 Driving dunk?

Thank you for the free content 2k but it’s freaking June

Oh my god, gold range/clamps, JUMP SHOT 10 on quick, 75 dunk, 6’2"

This card is horrific beyond words :rofl:

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bruh is this a troll card???

I don’t even know what to say except Fuck you 2K

Bobby Shmurda dropping whys everyone so down ???

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We should be happy that we are even getting a free card :hugs:

There’s a line that gets crossed mystic. The card has to be USABLE. You cannot in any way use this card. A horrible jumper with horrific defense and no dunk. I mean come on 2K at least make the card something that is playable

We cant always get good cards…

You know me. I’m super optimistic and positive with 2K. I praise pretty much everything they do…

This fucking sucks. Card can’t even be used in any way, shape, or form


Well i’m even more optimistic :smirk:

Yeah I’m with Matt. If it’s unusable it may as well not be there lol


Even if the card was good I can’t imagine anyone running pink diamond Reggie Jackson on their squad in the first place

This is a good card when he can gave me 5000 XP :joy::joy:


Someone is thinking positive :grin:

If they release an XP for this card, i will take it. Otherwise it’s a bad card.


5-10k XP for this card and I’ll be happy asf.


My new starting PG has arrived!

No it doesn’t.
It’s a card collector game.
Are all this bronce emerald silver Ruby cards usable? Ever?
Even at day 1 90 percent of cards are not usable.