New moments coming according to Ronnie

“Big batch in the coming days”


Bout damn time


I think this and the locker code situation taking so long proves the prevailing “they’re on vacation so they aren’t doing shit till they’re back” theory to be true.


Lillard still wont get a card


What we expecting? I’m hoping for a westbrook

LoL sad but true

From what I remember. Lillard, Westbrook, AD, Kemba & Murray all had 40+ pt games over the weekend.

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I’m hoping for KCP. He had a great game the other night with 26 or so off the bench. Maybe an Ingram.

Anyone I’m missing, @Juicy_J_8787

Welp time to save vc this drop finna be huge as fuck ima open tons of packs

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I think it’s dropping tomorrow or Friday with throwbacks on Thursday

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New throwback elites are ass

Moments except PG aslo lmao :joy:

Pauly p looks good

I’m looking for cheap moments to increase card collection :smiley:


Gotta be a Harden and Russ card for sure, Harden had a 40+p tripdub and Russ was a 35p tripdub i think

I got the PD he’s underwhelming if you don’t know how to use playbook

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Another harden gaw damn

Give me a ruby/Amy Jaylen Brown!

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Moments drop to bin or are able sniped too easily for me to open anything with money lol

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