New Moments Challenge *25 Tokens*


2k coming through with the solid content today. Imagine if they actually put in this type of effort on a consistent basis.



shout out to 2k for coming through today


Is the old 20 token challenge still up as well? I need to do both of those and that should put me at my next pd player

55 free tokens in 2 hrs is niceeee.


plus a PD Pippen code coming soon for another 25

I told myself I didn’t need the tokens and burned 220 of them because I didn’t want any of the PD’s and would never get enough for a GO without grinding which I didn’t want to do.

Now I’m regretting it :expressionless:

I have 4 locker codes to enter plus this challenge… man my next GO reward is closer than I think!


@Percyhawk 25 more for Gary :slight_smile:

Guaranteed 25 token challenge is a


Plus I haven’t didn’t any of the other ones lol

That’s why it’s never a good idea to use tokens in the token market…20 tokens here and there add up real fast

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I should have known better but I didn’t predict that they would increase the number of tokens given out as much as they have been. I would probably be around 350 by now if I waited. Which is still only halfway there. I dunno still seems like a grind. I would have rather gotten 200-300k MT from a lucky DRose pack pull at this point in time to be honest. (I didn’t).

At this point in the game they will keep releasing more of these locker codes so I’m sure it’s still not too late to start collecting…I agree it’s not worth the grind to try and earn them but doesn’t hurt to just leave them there

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I’ve been missing on locker code tokens like crazy (1/4) in the last few days so this is a welcomed sight. Only 24 tokens to go for Moncrief!

That’s not even 2 hours of grinding offline triple threat, why not do that?

That’s like 4 days of gameplay for me

Lmao I did the same thing. Didn’t want anyone after Eaton and I figured there’s no way I’d make it to the GO board. Instant regret with all these codes challenges smh

good look on 2k’s part for once. Greedy ass company lol

Why even go thru the PD board if you’re not getting an Opal -_-