New Moments Cards

Looks pretty good, I’m liking the Ruby Jaylen Brown.

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If only Mirotic had better defense and more speed he would be the perfect stretch 4. Jaylen looks good too. Your lineup looks scary btw. You like Hakeem over Kareem?

Glad my Celtics current team lineup is finally updating. Still waiting on a better gord and kyrie! Morris should be a fun ruby.

Not a huge deal, but nice to get a better (overdue) Jaylen Brown.

I’m hoping/assuming that he’s going to get an Amethyst before the Playoffs are out.

Yeah that ruby Jaylen will be excellent!

His emerald is very impressive as is.

Really amazes me there isn’t a Celtics moment higher than a ruby… emerald Marcus Smart has more HoF badges then any other Celtics moment card

It’s because the Celtics play great team basketball. They don’t need someone to get 30 pts to win on a nightly basis. If anything we should get a diamond Moments brad Stevens

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