New Moments cards with DM Kyrie Irving, GO Deandre Ayton, GO Dillon Brooks, PD Joe Harris

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Ew they all suck though, haha


Moments are moments Trala

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Wow. So moments was a huge shock for me.
But that means no Cavs DM Kyrie now?

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Dillon Brooks is fantastic. Ayton is good but not good enough to make my squad. Kyrie is too short but oh my did they juice him up

Seems like it

Yeah no need for one now this one is as good as he gets imo

Finally all these guys needed new cards! Though Lillard with the 55 point double double deserves it more.

agree but he already has a new DM

They all look pretty solid to me.

i still think bam will be better than ayton

Ayton kinda a L

Moments from the 23rd? Can’t they turn these around a lot faster would of loved to have seen a Dame card today after his last performance

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First Moments drop this season I think lol

Brooks probably the best card here, but he seems like a Maggette clone

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damn kyrie has 55 HOF badges ?? so many juiced cards. wonder what awaits us on friday

They won’t drop Dame. At least not now since there’s already a DM one for free

I usually like kyrie and Dillion brooks :flushed::flushed: I just looked at kyrie on 2kdb and this kyrie is damn near invisible on paper lol


Why only Kyrie has good tendencies?