New Moment Challenge: 5 Lebrons

It’s on Pro and you get a free Standard pack. The Lebrons are 98 overalls.


You might have to cheese because The Lebrons are really aggressive at attacking the mismatches at PG,SG in the post and PF, C off the dribble

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Easy. Run 4 Out 1 In then switch to Warriors Freelance, you’ll see a Lebron sagging off hard. Spam 3s

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I’m just killing with PnR and the post. A good post player dominates pretty easily


5 brons < 1 PG lol

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Fuck that, i was thinking it was going to be his amy card

4 0ut 1? Sorry just trying to educate myself

This is kind of a strong barometer for where the game is.

I remember thinking last year that one couldn’t really easily abuse a good LBJ at 5 in post, with even a Hakeem.

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