New Mode: MyPlayer Nation

New Mode: MyPlayer Nation

I honestly don’t know what this is. Connected Careers?


Hmmm. this looks interesting potentially.

Aligned with the NBA season… perhaps the option to play against your MC NBA team’s scheduled opponent that day? They could use updated rosters that don’t reflect all the zany trades and shit that happen in a typical MC file.

Special rewards/boosted XP for playing in the games maybe? I’m just spit-balling here.


thats similar to what i was thinking. Not exactly the same but it reminds me of WWE 2k20 mycareer where your character can fight in the PPV’s

I’m guessing that it’s a connected MyCareer. Play in a “league” in which there are other MyPlayers playing their MyCareer for other teams. So you face each other and end up competing with each other for NBA Awards. Face each other in games. Though…I suppose still CPU playing others’ MyPlayers, because it’d be impossible to make it “live” play. Other MyPlayers become NPC’s and they progress on CPU schedule?

Or is that too ambitious?


would be a great idea honestly if thats what it is.

Ronnie said on Instagram: “Those who pay special attention and connected the dots to something that happened yesterday may figure out how game changer it is”

I dont know what that mean… probably a lie again :rofl:

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I’m interesting now give me the momentous trailer lol