New member can’t create topics/send messages

Can a mod explain in this thread as to what the user needs to do in order to send messages and reply to posts in threads, etc.
Thanks guys.



Be active and wait a couple of days. It’s so the thread doesn’t get spammed like 2kmt, I’m sure.

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There are limitations to what new users can do. It’s a safe guard to prevent new users from spamming the forum in the event it happens.

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So basically he just has to wait a few days?

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Something like that. I don’t know the exact period of time, but a brand-new account definitely cannot make posts/replies.


Limitations are lifted becoming a ‘basic’ member after a 24 hour period I do believe. New users can complete the interactive ‘new user tutorial’ and actually become 'certified’ in that timeframe.

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Appreciate it guys

If what @Ryan says is right, then encourage your friend to do the tutorial, @Awanz.

Now that I think of it, I think he’s right. I’m pretty sure I did the tutorial off the Discobot PM as soon as I got it, and I do not recall ever not being able to post/reply.

^ this.

I think of you do the tutorial you will get to post without a 24hr delay, but you will be limited to the number of replies you can do I believe. The tutorial is super helpful and I encourage every new member to go through it. It’ll make your forum-life easier

Ah, yes. I think there’s like a 10 post limit for 48 hours or something along those lines.

And I agree with @dna2K: everyone should do the tutorial to understand how the forum markup works, and what controls are available.

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Want to link your helpful walkthrough @HarryLundt?

Walkthrough? You mean the new user tutorial? That’s just a PM that the Discobot sends all users when they create a new account, right? Just have to go to one’s PM’s and follow the instructions.