New Locker Code League Moments Super pack/ Diamond Consumables


Huge W. finally the diamond contract price will tank

YES!!! Destroy the contract market finally!!!

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They are relatively cheap right now like 15k on Xbox but this will crash even more

Yeah but they were 30k a few days ago and now they might be 10-13

League moments :frowning:

They were already around 15k for 1 hour.

Got my d contract, thanks :grimacing:

Yep we need diamond contracts for these 5k GOAT cards we were just blessed with

Shoes too? Yeeeeah.

I would get the worst jordan shoe :rofl: worth 1800 lmao



Clutch move by 2k.

Just gave Giannis, Yao, Bamba, Bol and KP Diamond Contracts all under 10k a piece.

Lol, how?

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Packed Sleepy Floyd…

Was applying a contract without even looking at my monitor. Lol

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Oof. Tough break.

Got a moments pack and actually pulled an opal…

too bad it was Hayward. Lmao

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