New Lineup Glitch?

New Lineup Glitch?

Stuck at the same lineup screen and dashboarding results in a loss. No idea what triggers it now, but he didn’t attempt to switch the point guard onto the center.

oh please god no

You sure it was a glitch and not just a server problem? That still happens from time to time


No, the same asshole keeps matching up with my budget team and purposely keeps screwing with the lineup screen to freeze it.

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What exactly happens with the glitch?

Is there a way to avoid playing a game on mtu without giving other guy a L? I have had it happen before

Play for a quarter and run out pause time

If you block him, you can’t match up with him again

Not true

Works for me, a lot of youtubers said it works too

Both players become stuck on the lineup screen. Dashboarding however gives the loss to the player who leaves first. I believe it might work through manipulating all positions now.

And that somehow doesnt give any of us a L? im confused.

Oh my bad I thought you meant how can you quit and not screw over your opponent

No I know how to do that. Just that a friend is trying to finesse the system but he keeps getting matched up with other similar overalls

I just had that as well smh

Just one of many reasons 2k20 is Trash!!

any workarounds ?? :sob:

Been stuck for an hour. I don’t need the win, but this dude don’t deserve Rice.

I think you meant to say… "Me and my friend are trying to Cheese the system, but are not getting matched up together?? :joy::joy::joy: @Buyorbye

Yes. And i’m helping him. What’s your point, Dr.McGlitchy?