New kobe release

Is it slower than MJs? Any other players that have the same release as his new opal?

Doesn’t matter, this card isn’t all that good. Don’t stress if you don’t/can’t get him.


brandon roy >

I have the funds I’m just not sure if I want to try him


You think so? I’m tryna snag a Roy right now but still bummed I can’t get Kobe lol

A bit slower than MJ but much easier to green.

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Roy= trashcan

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Why?? :joy::joy:

roy was a bucket when i used his limited

I either gotta get Roy, or sell KD and grab Kobe. Not sure what to do lol

i cant decide if i should sell pd kd n bird n try n get kobe. I alrdy have go MJ and pg13 and drob

Anniversary 2 Kobe going for about 100k, should we be copping him now with the anticipation of him going back up in price like 97 anniversary Jordan?

Na their a pd mj so he won’t rise really

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is this new pd kobe better than the anny, and is the pd kobe worth it if we cant afford the GO