New Klay On the Way?

Klay in tonight’s game:
43 points, 18/29 from the floor, and 7/16 from 3…

Klay in a little while tonight:


Klay deserves better then those nats

7/16 = 60 open 3


…with bronze shooting badges too, I guess. :joy:

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time for 2k to give him a 90

I love klay but 6’7 is too small for the SG spot


Lol I know that’s a joke

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I dont see how they could improve his diamond all that much. Already has maxed out shooting and all the HOF badges.

Hope 2k gives him dribbles klay at the 1

hof d stopper, better athleticism, handles and dunking

But seriously, he was crazy good tonight. He made three 3’s in under a minute at one point.

True they’ll probably wait a bit before they release that one though since it’ll be endgame.

lord I hope so.

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Klay Looking Like Dan Bilzerian Hahaha

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He did have 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 2 rebounds too… so we’re looking at HOF D Stopper, Rim Protector, Pick Pocket, Pick Dodger, Hustle Rebounder, and all the HOF shooting badges lol.


Pfft fuck Klay, we better get the Landry Shamet card the world deserves.

29 PTS on 8-14 shooting going 8-13 from 3. His release is nice too.

Dude was cookin


99 forehead


Yes We are getting that for sure!

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RIP wallet :joy:

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When Curry and Durant defer to Klay, it’s probably my least favorite thing to watch in the NBA.

Klay is a Curry imposter and probably thinks he’s more of a younger brother than Seth.

Fuck Klay!