NEW INSANE TT Offline Reward - Opal Danny Ferry - BEST card in the game!

Quick summary of the card:
6’10" tall, 7’5" SF/PF.
Can curry slide on next gen!
Pro 3 behind the back (best in the game).
Pro 2 tween!
BASE 98 on VERY QUICK (with Rudy Gay upper, one of the best in the game).
INSANE Defensive Tendencies!
Insane stats and badges (all the most important of HOF, include Range, Clamps, Intimidator, Interceptor, Showtime)!


I don’t know who it will be, but i am pretty sure i will get him, coz over 300 wins so far (for this reward) and i haven’t even what Sloan looks like, lol…

Better this way tho, coz Sloan is indeed underwhelming.

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Don’t feel bad, he is nothing special.
You’ll have another chance to get him in the last week of the season.

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The 2nd TTOffline player for the season has been great for the past few seasons now. Embry, Dischinger, Kermit. I’m expecting a top-notch card

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Aah, have you used him on your friends account?

Last season was an exception with the first card being top notch too (Ohl).

Damn it’s already time for a new vault card? I haven’t grinded since Terry and he doesn’t even make the team anymore :sob:

Hopefully the next card is crazy I might play a few games and try my luck :woozy_face:


You mostly missed Kermit Washington since the dentist.

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Yeah I wanted Kermit but I just couldn’t do it lol the mode is so unrewarding for the time you have to put in.


I mostly do TT for every agenda that requires single player stuff and for EVOs. Two birds with one stone type of thing.


Me too!
Luckily got all the top cards while just grinding xp agendas.

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Hoping for a trash one

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Realistically I Would like to see a really good defensive guard. Michael Ray Richardson hasn’t had a card since like season 1. He’s always one of my faves. Maybe a Ron Harper.

Unrealistically, I would play this game nonstop for as long as it took for the vault to give me an absurd SG/PH OJ Mayo card.

I don’t want to see a 98 base guard there , lol

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We have an Exum base PG as the 1250 wins reward already, never say never…

Probably a small PG or a Big that can’t shoot.

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We haven’t got a C since Embry. That’s my bet

Chances 2k put in the player that wins the galaxy opal bracket thing they’ve been running on Twitter?

That will be in locker code this Friday