New GO price predictions...?

So the duo packs have completely and permanently crushed the prices for those cards, and for the most part existing cards that don’t have duos because there are cards like GO KD, KAJ, Yao, etc all available for cheap so one’s paying 200k for a comparable card.

But what about NEW cards? They likely won’t have the same drop rates as the duo GO’s and JR and Dray are pretty desirable cards I would say, will we start having non-BIN opals again?

Crawford and Dray are already up for BIN on PS4

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I think I want GO JR… even if he’s pricy

I am so used to using his PD for many months there will be no learning curve. I will be able to average 40 pts with him

Perfectly fits the mold in my run n’ gun offense

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Brandon Roy was still going for like 70k yesterday so perhaps in that range

JR really going for bid?

If so I might have to pass

Depends on the pull odds really, and if people are even ripping

3 days ago I have bought Brandon Roy w/shoes, badges & contract for 35k and flipped a few for around 50k. Mutombo is now selling for 20k. So I don’t see JR and Dray above 50k for long.