New glitch work?

Anyone see the new youngsimba video ?


Only made the question because appears to work , when i go home i Will experiment


Calliate op

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Don’t that take like 2 hours to load up 10 players now tho? Not sure if worth it

“Everyone on this website deserves to know about glitches”

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yes appears to take a lot of time , I will try soon and provide some feedback

I don’t even care about that :joy::joy:
I ve see the video and share here , nothing more

Yeah let me know, I already felt collecting 10 in 40 mins was a drag, I can’t imagine this new step

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My bad OP, I thought you were trolling. I thought it was a new rapper I never heard of. :joy: :rofl:

I think I will do some players when have time , only to prepare for big packs days and really great offers like super packs etc …
I will not do 10 per day , i prefer to play the game aff

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Easy and simple , if anyone have question I can help !
Took 2 more minutos not more per player

That’s way too much work.

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I don’t think so …
The download it’s pretty quick , 20 sec more per time !
I never spent so much time doing it for 10 players , now I will not do it …
But 3-4 per day , in big days and announcements you will can open around 200$ or more for free !
It’s nice

Does it work with xbox? Or only ps4 still?

I ve saw a video on Xbox , but it’s more difficult , I will past the link tomorrow or send to you

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Hmm maybe I would do it 3 players a day but even then, I’m hearing it’s 8-12 mins per player, anymore than 4 players is simply to much patience

Yes it’s around 8min not more ,
I will not do more of 4 , when iam in console i ve to play the game !
But at the same time that I am doing other thinks I can do it ,
I don’t test if it’s necessary to save everyday the files , but I ve think you can download always the same so it’s even faster .
Not so fast like the other , but not too slow at the point that’s a waste of time .
Spend the Vc only when it matters , and don’t wast everyday on stupid packs etc …
It’s nice after one month open more than 1million vc for free :+1: