New Features for 2k22 ( fan made )

With 2k22 being only a month and a half away what are some “new” features you would like to see

And with 2k21 being a very disappointing game on nextgen consoles for me personally I would only expect that 2k22 blows the community away.

For me it has to be the amount of online modes there is in myteam

  1. Myteam unlimited or 68-0 however you want to look at it

It’s a terrible idea and an even worse experience for all users . How many people actually went the full 68 wins to get each seasons “grand prize” a subpar card that is quickly outshined by either free cards or cards in packs .The most unrewarding mode in any game I’ve played, there should be a player at ever different tier you progress through from bronze to opal tier the cards should go up by a tier along with the rank your in .

Personally I’d like to see this mode leave myteam going forward

  1. Myteam limited

A good new addition to myteam not really the most creative stipulations the last few months basically just ovr cheesing ,but the first few week ends were great with “only use college teams” or “teammates of … “ and “must use previous mvps”

Would be nice to see a triple threat type of mode like limited but for week days where each week from mon-fri for a ring or if you reach a certain amount of wins (a reasonable amount too ) you get the desired card or even the RNG type and after each win you choose left,middle or right for the ring for that week

There needs to be a reason to play during the week not just to log in for the daily log in or to see what packs are out

Overall limited was a great new mode

  1. Tto

2k ! Please just bring back the other ball drop not the one we have currently :joy:

Tto is all good I have no problem with it it’s rewarding (1,2,3 tokens in July woo hoo ) they should do more events where good cards are on the boards IMO.

  1. Offline grinds

Throughout the year 2k has made this mode such a grind fest most people who have jobs or other commitments most likely won’t get most of these spotlight cards or finish all 6 dominations . Aswell as all 2000 tt offline games lol

And moment challenges are a bit questionable too like a full 5 min q game for just 5 tokens ?

But the offline grind probably won’t be leaving anytime soon

  1. Seasons

Great new feature tat 2k has added was the seasons the rewards were great but got outclassed very quickly aswell due to packs who would’ve guessed?

Except that pd Steph he was a beast early on simply just cause he could shoot when nobody else really could.


No explanation needed

Some quality of life improvements id like to see is

•play calling in tto and tt for next gen

•easier to set up freelances and plays in 5v5 ,not having to pause to set up or call a timeout .

•shoot around /freestyle when I’m testing a new card I either unlocked or picked up id like to not only have an empty arena to just shoot in but maybe with my whole team have to option for a team scrimmage in the empty arena to see how the card would play in a game settting

,and to also test playbooks and freelances would be a good idea too just so everyone I want to try something new out I don’t have to put contracts on all 13 players

If I have missed anything feel free to add to what you’d like to see in 2k22

Unless they change their whole company ideology from ‘let’s manipulate them and bleed them dry’ to ‘let’s make a rewarding, good quality basketball game’ we aren’t going to see user friendly changes. Every year. Everything announcement that has promise is monetised and ruined in some way. Position locks is the prime example.


I can see 2k bringing seasons back but you’ll have to pay for each season lmao

The only big one you missed IMO are evos.

I’ve been the biggest supporter of evos since the last few months of 2k20 with that INSANE Ben Wallace, but they’ve been slacking.

Lose badges, bring back evos.


No Vc. As a fan, this is the only revolutionary feature :cold_face:


we need power up system like in MUT, make cards keep their value for all year long.
also if you grind for a card it will make the grind worth it if you know you can power him up.
add chemistries to cards like in mut. make theme teams chemistry.
give us lot of more things to do with tokens.

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i think gameplay, most online rewards, and 2k’s ignorance are the biggest problems. these are all things that can be fixed, but i see as kinda unlikely. i’m kinda optimistic for the game, but at the same time, i really don’t see 2k wanting to fix those issues aside from maybe gameplay.

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Yep gameplay is just so bad lmao it surely has to be better than this game we have now

I’d like to see sortable team stats in MyTeam so you can see how individual players performed rather than have to see stats by looking at each individual card.

I also agree on evo cards. It seems like the only ones were Domination rewards or a few random non-reward cards.