New Fav Card?

New fav card that dropped from yesterday?


Galaxy Opal Shake4ndbake
S tier


Pretty sure it would be Opal Ben Simmons, but most can’t afford him… The Ruby Thon is a budget beast.


Thon Maker is a demon in TTO

Haven’t tried too many but I’m stuck on this Thon Maker



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Tim Duncan. Once green machine gets going it’s over

thinking about doing a gameplay on him

You’d love him. I think he’s better than kareem just my opinion though

Can someone see what pd igudalas price is bin on ps4

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Timmy 100%

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2nd and 3rd is Ron Harper and Jon isaac

I like pretty much every card i have used. Basically, March 13, 2020 will go down as the greatest content drop in 2k history?!?!


Iggy is like reuniting with a new and improved old friend. I still had kept his spotlight PD at the end of my bench before this one dropped yesterday.

After the Ban Wave it was only righteous :joy:

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Wow that’s huge…As a whole you may be right. One year I remember they gave us like 100 new duos and boosted all of our Legend reward cards that we had previously locked in. That was my favorite. And My favorite card in the history of 2k has to be last years Token Opal James Worthy.


J Smoove, R.J Barrett and Isaac. Oh yeah and Ben.

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it’s ben… crazy dribble set, top slasher… but kinda blehh for me to grind the 3pt… still 30 something lol


Is he that much better than pg giannis?

I like the ones I’ve used in Beasley, Embiid, and D’lo, but… I think Thon Maker is my favorite backup center this year.

when he gets his 3pt, of course man, hesi shoot is really fast, hof RE, he’s gonna shoot green from everywhere. giannis looks cute against this ben. 40 hof badges and 20 golds i think once i finish the grind.

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