New Evo Update

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Cannot believe no response to this. These Evos are amazing to a few of my favorite cards. Loved Tyler and we used him for a long time in clutch as our PG. If he is evolved and paired with Green, he suddenly becomes one of the best none invincible cards in the game! Now all I need is to get Green in clutch time.
Bob Sura also one of my favorites. With Evolve he looks amazing. Cannot wait to get him to evolve both cards and try out.

I really like how 2K makes some of the favorite cards relevant again.

Anybody know why my Gary payton does not show up in Evo section

Psycho T with 43 HOF badges with duo :smiley: shame I don’t have that Danny Green

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I wish they would have added some more common budget cards or more easily accessible reward cards.

Any idea how to get Danny Green in clutch? That is going to be my next target.

Oh, I did not realize he is new! I think he will be at 20 wins as Westphal is later.

10 wins

You are right, I am totally blind, sitting at 9 wins and could not see him :smiley:

I’ve pulled 2 Hansbro’s, 1 Houston and 1 Sura from free packs over the past few months. Time to evo and cash in :slight_smile:

Holy shit, Psycho T with the EVO and Duo boost is a hell of a card.

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Holo Evolved Tyler on PS Auction House for 24 hours with added HOF badges that won’t effect his Duo. Also Diamond Contract and Shoe with +4 boosts to Ball Handle, Lateral Quick, Three Ball, Soeedand Perimeter D. I checked his Duo first before adding extra badges he wouldn’t get with his Duo.

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The exact HOF badges and boosts I gave him


The funny thing is that we always liked Tyler’s card and I had been trying to find one with either cheap D contract and/ or shoe or extra HOF badges and could never do so. I guess now it must be easy but I assume very expensive. Have not had a chance to play yet today.


For the people that have DM Gary Payton, its definitely a very nice upgrade. By the time I got him there was better PG’s so I didn’t use him much. Now I get the chance to use a very good PG that was already in my collection. Wouldn’t be shocked if we get a Shawn Kemp duo when a DM Kemp drops. I hope it’s not with the Opal Kemp since I never got the clutch time opal.

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I am at 2600, you think it is worth to push to him?

Gonna have Invincible Steph starting no matter what and currently have 38 HOF Giddey as the bench guy.

He is very good and fun to use. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get him if it is that time consuming or cost a lot of MT. Giddy is very good as well. I will probably be using Payton over Giddy for now, but my Giddy doesn’t have 38 HOF’s. By the time you get him there are new cards out including more invincible PG’s.

If you were going for the 500 tokens at 2900 then yea you might as well look into getting to 3000 for Payton. If not then I wouldn’t sweat it.


Giddey! :heart:

He never left my backup PG spot. I had got him to 36 HOF myself so now with the Evo he’s at 40 HOF and 33 gold. I think it might be time to sell off all my big pieces, MT and run budget and or free gods like Giddey.


Same here! Just shame, I had my own Blinders, Posterizer and Limitless on him, gonna overlap

Happy about Kidd as well, that duo with Kenyon gets even better now.