New Evo Superpacks!


This company really knows how to manipulate their costumers xD



LMAO! Well time to go to amherst walmart buy a card for some VC Lol

101k for a 10 box? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Damn, people thought the market was going to inflate. But 2k knows how to milk that Cash Cow.

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only VC lol. 2k knows its objectives too well


yup and thats not guaranteed evo card too hahahah dammn

How about no :joy:

You can’t see who is in these yet

Imagine spending the coin and getting emeralds…

so bron in packs too. china vs 2k

kids will rip those

Imagine spend money for idiot card , and spend hours evo them to wait 30 mins for an unlimited game after :joy::joy:

Glad I didn’t just drop like 600k on a Porzingis :joy:

the crash is going to be massive. RIP opal lebron investors

If you were to build a perfectly evil company in a lab, this is what you would get. I’m almost impressed.

Bron in packs is a Gg

These cards are about to flood the market.


They were stick and tired of their drops failing to move the needle. They took that DEFCON level all the way to 1 for this drop.

If they were guaranteed to contain evos maybe. Gotta be a lot of low level evos in these.