New dynamic duos [5/22]

98 Ewing/96 Oakley
98 Hakeem/94 Clyde
96 Wall/96 Beal
93 Oden/93 Conley
89 Battier/88 Chalmers

Thank god for hakeem

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Man WHAT THE FUCK. Give me AD and Boogie 2k please!


Where’s my Embiid/Simmons duo?! They must be waiting for Ben’s ROTY diamond.

Hakeem op with 94 3 and 99 open mid and 99 contested


Thankfully I have a 3PT shoe on Hakeem, I personally wouldn’t want to run Amy Clyde to improve that 98 Hakeem card.

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Does Hakeem go to a PD with the duo?!?!
I already have the curry lows on mine though which already boosts him to a 99…

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He does with the dark blue Jordans I have on him (open 3PT, acceleration) but not sure about the DD.

Yeah mine has the curry lows and boosts him to a 99 as well!

wow! as a Hakeem owner I am rock hard right now

Can you guys pls tell if the Hakeem/Clyde duo either boosts Clyde to a diamond or Hakeem to a PD ?

Still waiting for 98 kd and 97 Westbrook duo. Well on the bright side I can probably sell back my KD and get 500k for him

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Clyde’s not worth it imo.

Splash Brothers duo or riot.

If you get use to Clyde shots it may be worth it if not then it’ll only be good for those who already have hakeem

I have Hakeem. I’m going to bench Kahwi or TMac or PG13 or Durant or PD Giannis for Clyde? Lol…

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Hows his shot ?

If you have a shoe on Hakeem might as well not run Clyde especially with all those pieces you’d be benching in place of him not worth it.

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It’s fast. He kicks his leg and that kinda gives an indicator of when to release. I’d go to freestyle and try out the all time trailblazer Clyde drexler. Obviously 3 ball won’t be great but you can practice the release there

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Hakeem does go to a PD it’s been confirmed!! looks like I gotta go home on my lunch and pick Clyde up